Tips & Tricks

City placement

When you first start out with your selected civilization take in your surroundings. The game automatically finds the best location for your capitol city. Some civ players prefer not to build their capitol city where the game places their settler. Either build where you are now or move your warrior around, preferably to a hill where you can see a larger area, and decide how you arer going to aproach the game. Are you a militaristic civ? Do you want to win a cultural victory or perhaps win the space race? take these thoughts in when building your next settlement. If you plan on conquering the world move to a hilly area with more chance of iron, if you have not researched iron working yet. If planning to play culturally place a couple of cities near fertile grassland and have a few of megacities instead of many smaller settlements. Why you ask, because every city you build increases social policy costs by 20% -30% depending on your difficulty level. If you are pursuing the Space Race victory, many medium sized cities are prefered with a mix of hills and grasslands.

How to approach other Civilizations

1. Militaristic
if you want a Domination Victory scout out the terrain, find weak points in their defenses and sign an Open Borders agreement as soon as you research Writing. Build up a good military 3 to 4 warriors and at least 2 archers. Don't neglect your economy either, before your first war war have 2 cities, you can get by with one but 2 is preffered. An easy and efficient way to get workers is by stealing them from a city state that you plan on conquering later.